The Polar Foil Hand Held Award 2016

We are pleased to announce a new category and sponsorship for the 2016 competition when it reopens in September. The new Hand Held award sponsored by the Polar Foil company is specifically for hand held landscapes and creative long exposures.

Hand held photography has always been popular with street and sports photographers, but has always been difficult when taking landscapes or long exposures. But recent improvements in technology such as high resolution smart phone cameras, mirrorless cameras and image stabilisation means that hand held photography is now a reality for landscape photographers.  More photographers than ever are ditching their tripods and finding new freedom in their photography, so we are pleased to introducing this new award.

We are very excited about this new category, delighted for the support of our new sponsors and looking forward to seeing the amazing hand held landscapes of Scotland.

The new award is open to all photographers who capture their landscapes without the need for a tripod. Images may be any part of the Scottish landscape, Sea or Urban places.

Prizes to be announced in due course.

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