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Formatt-Hitech are a world renowned and innovative filter company that manufactures filters for the photographic and movie industries. They have been manufacturing filters for more than 25.  Formatt’s ongoing research and development into glass filters was originally set up by Reginald Morris, grandfather to the Company founder, who worked for many years as chief physicist at Kodak, helping develop what is now known as the “Kodak Wratten Standard.” This remains the world-wide standard in technical color correction and stands as the benchmark in all Formatt-Hitech filter production today.

In 2014 , Formatt-HiTech released a worlds-first in the shape of the amazing new “Firecrest” filter – an Infra Red Neutral Density filter aimed specifically at long exposure photographers. The Firecrest has received rave reviews from some of the world’s best photographers and is already being hailed as a “game-changer” in the world of long exposure photography.

Formatt-Hitech are providing the fantastic Signature Kits as main prizes for the competition.

Visit the Formatt-Hitech website



Academy Class are the UK’s premier training company for digital creatives and artists. They are an Adobe, Apple and Autodesk authorised training organisation with 6 UK offices providing a wide range of courses for all levels of digital professionals, graphic artists and photographers. In 2014 Academy class have expanded into Europe with a new office in Vilnius – extending their expert services.

Academy Class provide a wide range of training courses but they are most highly regarded by many industry professionals as the number 1 training organisation for Adobe Photoshop. Their expert instructors are considered the best in the industry so the prize they offer will be highly desirable to any photographer looking to enhance their skills.

Academy Class are providing high value training courses as prizes for the winning photographers.

Visit the Academy Class website



Inspired by image makers around the world, Fotospeed began life manufacturing quality darkroom chemistry and specialist fine art printmaking processes.

With 35 years of technical experience and as the world of traditional darkroom made way for the digital revolution, Fotospeed utilised its wealth of expertise and understanding of image making to engineer and develop a comprehensive range of exceptional digital inkjet papers, inks and accessories.

Visit the Fotospeed website

Caledonian MacBrayne

Caledonian MacBrayne

Caledonian MacBrayne are Scotland’s major operator of passenger and vehicle ferries, and ferry services, between the mainland of Scotland and 22 of the major islands on Scotland’s west coast. Caledonian MacBrayne are sponsoring the “Spirit of the Sea Award” for this yera’s competition.

Visit the Caledonian MacBrayne website

The Isle of Harris Distillery


The Isle of Harris, standing out in the Atlantic on the far northwestern edge of Scotland, is an elemental place, full of contradictions: wild and gentle, warm and calm, ancient and yet bubbling with life.

There are few places on earth where time spent around the fire can be as welcoming or as full of cheer. At the head of the harbour in East Loch Tarbert, visible to everyone arriving there by land or sea, the first distillery in Harris is now creating true island spirit.

Opened in October 2015, we welcome guests to our hearth every day bar the Sabbath to witness and share in our work. It is a welcoming place, with a peat fire glowing at its heart, the flavours of the island in the canteen and the feeling that here in the distillery you will find something of the essence of Harris.

Visit the Isle of Harris Distillery website

Scottish Natural Heritage

Scottish Natural Heritage

Historic Scotland


Both Scottish Natural Heritage and Historic Scotland are providing prizes for this year’s comeptition. Please see the prizes page. The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition supports the work they do by conserving and protecting properties and locations visited by photographers.

The John Muir Trust

John Muir Trust Logo

The John Muir Trust own several of the iconic properties cherished by photographers and do valuable work in preserving these locations so that we can capture our beautiful images. The Trust are providing prizes for this year’s comeptition. Jointly through the competition, we aim to promote the trust, raise awareness of the landscape and encourage members to join the trust.


The National Trust for Scotland


The National Trust for Scotland is an independent charity set up in 1931 for the preservation and conservation of natural and human heritage that is significant to Scotland and the world. The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year supports the work of the trust by holding exhibitions in the Glencoe Visitor Centre.