Please find below some answers to questions regarding the judging process of the first round.

When judging is in process, we will send out the notification emails over a period of 7 days. All entrants will be notified during this time and relevant links will be included in the emails that are sent out. Notifications should complete by midnight 18th December 2015.

Please note that during this time we cannot respond to individual emails or any questions as this can cause delays. Please allow the 7 day period to receive your email. If you have not received your email after 7 days, please check your spam folder before contacting us. Alternatively, you can log in at any time to your account and track your progress. You can log in to your account at  (Please see point number 11 below)

Please read these points carefully.

  1. The competition is a photographer of the year competition. It is not a “photograph of the year”. Entrants shortlisted for the overall award are based on a minumum of three images.  This may give a false impression of a large shortlist.
  2. There are 10 categories. Each category has its own shortlist.
  3. Five of the categories are judged by the sponsors, national trusts etc. Some images may not fit the main awards but will fit the sponsored categories. This may mean an entrant gets several or even all their images shortlisted across the 10 categories. This may give a false impression of a large shortlist.
  4. There are 27 prizes in all.
  5. Judging is very thorough. There are no “sift” judges skimming through the images to save time. All images are seen by the head judge.
  6. The judging consists of:  a) round one – shortlist, b) round two – scores and c) round 3 – request for RAW files and final decisions. Rounds 2 & 3 will commence shortly after 18th December. Successful and unsuccessful entrants for these stages will be notified by late Janury 2016.
  7. Judges do not see the name of the entrant during the first and second rounds, they only see the image. In this way, judging is fair and based solely on the quality or impression of the image – not the photographer.
  8. When you receive your email, it will state which categories your images have been shortlisted for and there will be a link to your submission. Click this link to log in. The images you see in your account are the ones chosen for the next round. All other images from your submission are deleted from the system. Please note, you do not need to do anything or send us any files at this stage. We will contact you if anything is required.
  9. If you entered multiple submissions, you will receive an email for each submission. If your other submissions have not yet been judged, their status will read as “in progress”. (Also see point 11 for descriptions on status)
  10. Submissions are judged in the order that they are received into the system. Emails are therefore sent out in the same order, so you may receive emails for your multiple submissions several days apart. Please do not contact us during this time as it causes delays. Contacting us means that we have to match your name with your submission and we wish to avoid this. (See point 7 above)
  11. If you have not received your email, please be patient and allow the judging to complete. Alternatively, you may check your submissions status by logging in to your account. Your submission will read as either a) in progress b) accepted or c) declined. To log in to your account please go to Once logged in, if your status reads as “accepted”, then the images that you see are the ones that have been put forward for the next round.  The images that did not make it through are deleted from your submission. If your status reads as “in progress”, this means your images have not been seen. Please wait for the judges to review your images. If your status reads as “declined”, this means your images did not make it through to the next round. During the second and final round of judges, when logging in to your account, you may see one or more of your images removed from your account. This means that these images did not achieve enough points for the next round and have been eliminated. Remaining images are still being considered for a prize or commendation. If you were shortlisted for the overall title and had 3 or more images shortlisted, these will be eliminated till that total is a final portfolio of 3 images.  The overall title is judged on a set of 3 images.
  12. Shortlisted images from round 1 will be published in the eBook. It is the view of the competition that being shortlisted for any category is an achievement and the reward for this is a place in the eBook. If a photographer has x number of shortlisted images, but wins no award in the categories, only one of their shortlisted images will appear in the eBook
  13. Only the overall, individual category and sponsored winning images will be published in the print book and win a place at the exhibition.
  14. Publishing success of your shortlisted images online is entirely the choice of the you, the entrant, but please note that we are not encouraging this. Whilst it will not affect the judging it won’t be a surprise or as impactful if you keep your images private.