Questions answered on eligibitlity for SLPOTY 2015

We’ve been asked about other photography competitions and whether their rules make you ineligible for SLPOTY 2015. Whilst we can’t speak for any other competition, our rules are as restriction-free as possible and our aim is to promote the photographer as much as possible.

Q: I won/was commended in another competition. Can I still enter the SLPOTY?

A: Yes! If the same feature film or actor can win both an Oscar and a BAFTA, then it’s the same for SLPOTY. We don’t exclude or discriminate against any photographer because they have won something elsewhere.

Q: I’ve entered my images into another competition, but their rules state that I cannot enter them into any other competition whilst they’re being judged. I want to enter SLPOTY but I’m unsure what to do?

A: You may enter SLPOTY 2015 and such rules have absolutely no bearing on the SLPOTY Competition whatseoever. Such rules (we believe) restrict the freedom photographer to promote their work through other competitions. As far as SLPOTY is concerned, they are impossible to enforce because we do not share our data with any third party and we do not disclose who entered the competition till after the results are published.

Best wishes and good luck in the 2015 SLPOTY competition!


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