The following answers points for entrants relating to the GDPR which comes in to effect as of 25th May 2018.

Does the Competition gather any personal information when I enter the Competition?

The Competition does not gather or store any personal information on it’s servers. The Competition instead uses the Submittable system, therefore you should read the this page:

When you enter the Competition, you are required to create an account with Submittable which requires you to enter your name and email address. Once you have registered, you are in full control of your account and only you can enter details in your profile such as your address, telephone number etc. This is entirely your choice to do so or not, and only you can add or delete information from your account. We cannot do this for you.

Can the Competition see my information?

The Competition can only see the contact information you enter, ie we can only see your name, email address, address or telephone number. We cannot see anything else and we cannot edit, change or delete your information. We can (and do) delete images we see during judging.

How do you use my information? Are my details added to a mailing list?

The Competition operates an anonymous judging system, but if you are successful in winning a prize or a commendation, for obvious reasosns we need to know how to contact you. The Competition has never, and does not use your information in a mailing list, for marketing purposes or sells your information to any third parties. The Competition does however provide your information to sponsors so they can contact you should you win a sponsor prize or to receive a special discount on products only available to entrants of the Competition.

What about shop orders?

For obvious reasons, if you order from our shop, we need to know your delivery address. You can register for an account or check out as a guest when you order. We retain your order information for legal accounting purposes only. We do not operate a mailing list or share your information with any third party or sponsor.