Ballater Exhibition in support of the floods recovery

Exhibition in support of The Ballater Floods recovery. Please share.

The town of Ballater was hit badly during the January floods with much of the town devastated by the damage. Support for the community is badly needed over the coming months and the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition is very keen to support the town during this difficult time. I have commissioned a special exhibition at Larks Gallery in Ballater to attract visitors to the area, which runs for the next 6 weeks.

The drive to Ballater from the central belt of Scotland is truly breathtaking and affords much for the tourist and photographer alike, so if you can visit the area, your support will be greatly appreciated.

In the next few days, I will be announcing a special competition for those visiting the area as well as a special photography route to follow. In addition, there will be several guided photo-walks by my self and some of the winning photographers from the competition.

Directions for the gallery exhibition can be found at

Many thanks
Stuart Low
Competition Founder

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