Ballater Exhibition and mini photo competition

Hi folks, if things may seem a bit quiet since the winners announcement, pleased be assured that I am working hard behind the scenes to put together the next phases of the competition which are the exhibitions.

As most people will know, the town of Ballater was hit really badly during the recent floods with severe damage to the both the town and surrounding area. The physical damage to roads and buildings was fairly well highlighted in the media, and restoration work is still ongoing, but it is the impact on tourism that will hit the town hardest over the course of this year.

The area around Ballater, Braemar and Glenshee has provided me with many images so I am keen to give something back, and something I’ve been keeping under wraps for the past couple of months is an event using the competition to help attract visitors to the town. I spoke with people from the town and put forward some ideas, and they just need people to go and visit the town and support it in any way possible, no matter how small.

With that in mind, I suggested that an exhibition of the photographers images would help and I’m pleased to say, that I have now secured exhibition space at the Larks Gallery in the town. In addition to the exhibition, I have put together a route of beautiful locations for visitors and photographers to follow and capture images on their journey to Ballater. And as an added incentive, there will be a mini competition where I will be putting up a prize for the best image captured of these locations listed on the route. Call this a “mini slpoty” if you will.

The Route from the central belt through Glenshee to Ballater is truly beautiful and if the photography community can come together to visit the area and capture images, this would be most welcome. In addition to the mini competition and exhibition, I am looking to doing a guided photo-walk in one or two of the locations.

If any other photographers are willing to help with this, I really would welcome any help or suggestions or ideas that may expand or enhance this small event so please do get in touch through the contact page . Maybe someone could bake some scones at the locations? Maybe donate a prize? Maybe organise a photo-picnic?

The exhibition will take place from 25th March at Larks Gallery in Ballater and will run through easter for approximately 6 weeks.

I will publish the photo route on Monday and please send your suggestions to




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