The Competition is run by photographers for photographers, and to promote photographers. In the 4 years the Competition has been running, the money raised through entry fees and book sales has enabled it to put on up to 6 exhibitions each year and has served as a platform to raise the profiles of those photographers showcased, with many going on to further success.

The Competition also promotes tourism and provides a boost to local economies. Our book is only sold in small independent and trust shops and we believe in supporting these small businesses. The bookshops keep the profits from the books who in turn exhibit and promote the work of the winners. Proceeds from books sold in trust shops are kept by the shops and go towards supporting and funding the work the trusts do in maintaining paths and ecologies in Scotland’s landscapes.

The Competition is very much inclusive, and with each year our judges consist of former winners and category winners. All our judges and all those involved with the Competition donate their time for free. Now, in the fifth s year we have 3 new judges added to the list who were former winners in the Competition. It is our aim to have all the judges being made up of former winners.