The Competition wishes to make the following statements.

The Competition stresses in the strongest terms that it does not take the decision to disqualify an entrant lightly. The Competition is designed to promote photographers and thrive to remain professional in its dealings with the public.

There has been much debate in relation to the Competition’s decision to disqualify one of its entrants from the Overall Winner Title. The Competition can only advise that it has made considerable efforts to avoid the route of disqualification. The rule that requires each entrant to warrant that they are the sole author of each entry and the explanation that images captured at workshops or 1-2-1’s are not eligible for entry to the Overall Winner Title has been in place since the inaugural Competition in 2014.

Commercial Gain and Profiteering

Allegations have been made against the Competition and it’s founder (Stuart Low), that the purpose of the Competition is for financial gain and are therefore “making a fortune” from entrant’s images. This is absolutely false.

The Competition is run on a not for profit basis and exists to promote the photographers who enter, through the exhibitions and its annual year book. The entry fees it receives fund cash prizes, fund exhibitions, prints and various expenses needed to run the Competition. The remaining entry fees are used for the production of the annual year book. However, there is usually a shortfall, which is met by the founder personally.

There is a panel of judges and others who are involved with the organisation of the Competition, all of whom are involved on a voluntary basis.

Book sales

The Competition works with a variety of partners who stock the books in their shops or online. The online partners take transaction fees and the remaining sale proceeds are re-invested into the Competition. The bookshops sell most of the Competition’s annual book and they keep all of the sale proceeds from those books they have sold.

Exhibitions and benefits to the entrants

The exhibitions it puts on attract considerable interest from the public and provide an excellent platform for entrants to showcase and promote their work. The Competition puts on around 6 exhibitions per year at locations where there is guaranteed high footfall (i.e. during the Edinburgh Festival). During those exhibitions, the Competition wishes to make clear that it provides a facility for the public to purchase the work of those on display and those enquiries are sent direct to the photographer. The photographer makes their own sale and keeps 100% of the money they make.

Benefits for all entrants

The Competition also provides a cost price print service and a facility for entrants to advertise their workshops or their own books on the official shop for all entrants. When these prints, workshops or books are sold, the photographer who owns their product or service keeps 100% of the profits.

Founder’s and Sponsor’s contributions

Without the contribution of the sponsors and the founder, Stuart Low, the Competition would not exist. The Sponsors and the founder wish to promote photographers using the Competition as a platform to allow photographers to exercise their talent and publish their work to as wide an audience as possible.

Mr Low has had bereavements in the past two years and suffered ill health. Through all of that, he has endeavoured to keep the Competition running. This is because he is a passionate photographer and recognises that there are not enough platforms to promote many talented photographers.”

Overall Winner – The Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year
Paul Webster Winning Portfolio – Dreams and Nightmares, The Mamores & Wild Affric
Runner Up
Alex Nail Runners up portfolio – Frozen Symmetry, Quinag in Winter & Grey and Gold
Winner – Youth Photographer of the Year
Sam Morris Sunset on Loch Leven
Runner Up – Youth Photographer of the Year
Andrew Bulloch St. Monans windmill at sunrise
Landscape Winner
Jeanie Lazenby Ever Changing Light
Landscape Runner Up
Ian Biggs ‘Reeds in the mist’
Seascape Winner
Johnathan Conlon The Sands of Scarista
Seascape Runner Up
Adam Cochrane Shipwrecked Sunset
Urban Winner
Mark McGillivray Skytower Sunset
Urban Runner Up
Mathew Turner Edinburgh Castle
Four Seasons
Jeanie Lazenby Winner- Spring – Sunshine and Showers
Richard Clarkson Winner – Summer – Loch Skeen
Michael Stirling-Aird Winner – Autumn – Autumnal flow
Chris Jones Winner – Winter – Two Trees
Calmac Spirit of the Sea
Alan Neil Heading to Barra
Isle of Harris Distillery – Hebridean Light Award
Luca Benini Rain over Nest Point
Loxley Colour – Your Vision Award
Peter Paterson Winner – Misty Sunrise
Robert Michael Wilson Runner Up – From Dusk Till Dawn: Garage
Luca Benini Highly Commended – Hebridean Miracle
Ian Biggs Commended – ‘Blackwood of Rannoch’
The John Muir Trust Awards
Luca Benini Hebridean Miracle
Ewan Adamson The far shore (Judges Choice – Belinda DiQuinzio)
Grant Willoughby Coulin View
James Grant Admiring Trotterish
Chris Davis Flow of Orchy
Andrew Strikis Jewel of the Isle
Roy Slaughter Ben Hope from The Moine
Jay Birmingham Lost to Beauty
Cyril Deretz Unnamed
Paul Webster Wild Affric
Portfolio Commendations
Graham MacKay Highly Commended – Dawn at Loch Ard , Veil over the Loch & The Watchman on the Water
Rod Ireland Highly Commended – Stac Pollaidh, Inverpolly, Rainbow Castle & Shifting seaward
Neil Barr Highly Commended – Dawn at Rattray Head, Dayspring & Bàgh Seannabhad
Craig Patterson Commended – Spring Shower, Balvaird Castle & Beinn a’Ghlo
Landscape Commendations
Darren Ciolli-Leach Commended – ‘Remains’ , Glen Affric
Brian Clark Highly Commended – Morning Mist on Lochaber
Kenny Muir Commended – Dalveen Mist
David Shawe Highly Commended – Early frost, late autumn
Chris Swan Highly Commended – Golden Touch
Craig McDearmid Highly Commended – Winter skies at Ardvreck Castle
Stephen Ball Commended – Rannoch Moor
Sven Soell Commended – Hidden Smile
Steve Oates Highly Commended – Liathach Lights Up
James Roddie Commended – ‘Coire Gabhail’
Simon Knight Commended – Lambing Snow
Andy Clark Commended – The boathouse
Robert Fulton Commended – Autumnal Snow
Rory Marland Commended – Liathach Sunset
Allan Donald Commended – Midnight Mountain Ridge
Sarah Kent Commended – Glen Urquhart Truck
Tony Higginson Commended – Autumnal view, Assynt
Heather Holmes Commended – Winter sun through the mist in the Dalmahoy March Wood
Terry Gibbins Commended – ‘Ardvreck Castle’
Ben Eaton-Williams Commended – Skye Watch Tower
Christopher Cullen Commended – ‘Loch Clair Light’
Peter Tasker Commended – Leverburgh Tin House
Chris Miles Highly Commended – Evening Light over Stac Pollaidh
Christianna Kreiss Commended – Skipness
Chris Rutter Commended – Last light, Loch Eishort
Tomasz Szatewicz Highly Commended – ‘Caledonian Affric’
Seascape Commendations
Jeanie Lazenby Commended – Stripey Laig.
Damian Shields Highly Commended – ‘Holding on’
Brian Doyle Highly Commended – Storm Light
Sandra Cockayne Commended – Elgol Isle Of Skye
Andrey Omelyanchuk Commended – The White Storm
Marc Hilton Commended – Golden Polin
Andrew Jack Commended – Dark & Stormy
Scott Masterton Commended – The Bridge to Nowhere
Paul Milne Highly Commended – Shine a Light
Keith Proven Commended – Henry Comes Ashore at Elie
Chris Lauder Commended – Swirly rocks
Peter Cairns Highly Commended – Wild Seas
Tracey Whitefoot Commended – Dramatic Elgol
Willem Eelsing Commended – Nisabost
Kathy Medcalf Commended – Moody Blues, Castle Stalker
David Sharman Commended – Cellardyke Harbour
Grant Bulloch Commended – The Bow Fiddle Photographer
David Queenan Commended – Forth Horizon
Ross Dickson Commended – Dusk Pettico Wick Bay, St. Abbs Head
Neil Barr Commended – Perch I
Urban Commendations
Kevin Beck Highly Commended – Last of the summer light
Douglas Bruce Highly Commended – Oil Refinery
Greg Urquhart Commended – Which way is up
Greg Urquhart Commended – Big wheel keep on turning
Shahbaz Majeed Highly Commended – V&A Dundee Museum Construction
Andrew MacDougall Commended – Shadows of the Past
Edgaras Borotinskas Commended – Hope
Pete Stevens Commended – Fog retreats from the Firth of Clyde
Rod Hanchard-Goodwin Commended – The Tollbooth Tavern
Michael Bryant Commended – Haar at The Forth Bridge
Lewis Golbourn Commended – Car-nage
Keith Tucker Commended – Reflections at Leith Docks
Andy Clark Commended – While the village sleeps
Ross Samson Commended – Dreich day on the Expressway
Ben Hirst Commended – Cox’s Stack in the fog
David Wheater Commended – Floating City
Jane Barlow Commended – Bridges at dusk on Midsummer Day
Your Vision
Peter Paterson Winner – Misty Sunrise
Robert MichaelWilson Runner Up – From Dusk Till Dawn: Garage
Luca Benini Highly Commended – Hebridean Miracle
Ian Biggs Commended – ‘Blackwood of Rannoch’
Youth Category
Sam Morris Winner – Sunset on Loch Leven
Andrew Bulloch Runner Up – St. Monans windmill at sunrise
Blair McHattie Highly Commended – Adam Smith Standing Tall over the Royal Mile
David Mould Winner – Homeward Bound
Richie Johns Runner Up – Living In The Clouds
Frans van Hoogstraten Commended – The Moine House
Gary Chittick Highly Commended – Winter Comes To The Lane, Renfrewshire
John Farnan Highly Commended – Cottage, Glen Etive
Annette Dahl Commended – Abandoned Farmhouse
Manoj Mohan Commended – The River Etive
Simon Swales Highly Commended – Lonely as the Sea
Paul Holloway Commended – Boulder on Beinn nan Coarach
Jacqui Mair Commended – Contrasting Time
The Scottish Weather
Nigel Morton Winner – Weather Systems
Grant Ritchie Runner Up – Summer Lightning over Edinburgh
Martin Steele Highly Commended – Incoming squall, Elgol
David Russell Highly Commended – The Tree Was Always Precious
Graham McPherson Commended – Incoming
Martin Watt Commended – End of the Season
Martin Santbergen Commended – Snowstorm in the Cairngorms
Ewan Adamson Commended – Ascending